Game for our own cabin home

The 1904 William and Mary Goodwin version of Home on The Range (originally published in 1876 by Dr Brewster Higley as “My Western Home”) included these lines:

Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam,

where the deer and the antelope play.

There seldom is heard a discouraging word,

and the sky is not cloudy all day.


Yes, give me the gleam of the swift mountain stream

and the place where no hurricane blows;

oh, give me the park where the prairie dogs bark

and the mountain all covered with snow.


Oh Give me the steed and the gun that I need

to shoot game for my own cabin home;

then give me the camp, where the fire is the lamp

and the wild Rocky Mountains to roam.

Sounds like our hunting experience a few weeks ago – opening day for big game saw the whole family (sans horse and cat) camped out on a big ranch (with permission mind you) in the Little Belt mountains, searching high and low for elk and deer. The kids, dog and I all held down the camp while Dad tramped the timber… we found out later that while the kids (um, and their mom) were in the pop-up camper taking a well-earned nap mid-afternoon, a small herd of cow elk (which was the targeted game) made their way past the corrals and within 100 yards of the slumberers on their way to another hill. Both of our elk tags remain safely in our wallets.

Mark went back this past weekend solo, and brought home a nice mule deer buck.


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