Chokecherry Daze

Chokecherry jelly has joined the chokecherry syrup cooling on my kitchen counters… this year’s chokecherry harvests were spread out as we found cherries in Laurel, on the Yellowstone river between Columbus and Absarokee, and in Red Lodge, MT. I sorted, cleaned and froze them as we brought them home in August… then last week spent about 24 hours rendering them into juice. They have subsequently become the tastiest jelly and syrup!

My dear friend Mary Beth in Texas likes to pour chokecherry syrup on pork, in the crockpot… YUM!

The secret to making foam-free (or nearly) is a bit o’ butter (salted, unsalted, whatever you prefer) added to the juice along with the sugar when it begins it’s first boil…

These dark purple-filled jars will join other fruits and farmgirl offerings at the King of Glory church Bazaar, held this coming Saturday in Billings. Mom and I spent a fun couple of hours Saturday keeping the kids out of the kitchen with one foot while balancing on the other and turning walnuts and Texas pecans into the most delicious candied walnuts, packaged into little gifts and ready for sale! My hair still smells like cinnamon… there’s worse things.


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