The Greenhouse at Green Willow Place

So I like to read alot, right? And in all the great books, the houses have names. And I figure, it doesn’t have to be Pemberley to deserve a name. This Spring, we drove over the Big Horns in northern Wyoming on our way home from Cheyenne one day, and I cut a bunch of willow from a mountain stream. I used them to weave together some silly little trellises for my mammoth sunflowers and my scarlet runnerbeans… ends stuck into the dirt. Lo and behold, they grew!! And thus the name “Green Willow Place” was born for our little 1959 ranch-style.

This summer, my hubby (who put the “darling” in Darling Husband this time!) decided to build me a greenhouse for our anniversary! WOOHOO and Yee Ha!!! So he (and his short helpers of course) spent many weekends building a roomy 8×16′ greenhouse from the ground up. We decided to build a “3-Quarter Span” style as we could put it against our east privacy fence to take advantage of that wall being protected, and to maintain maximum “yardage” available for two growin’ kiddos and an active beagle.

I fell in love all over again!


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