Conversations over Supper…

I love creation-based homeschooling two really bright kids. Supper conversation started out with a discussion about hunting, then ranged from how does God love us, to what constitutes sin, to whether or not animals sin, to why we can’t blame Adam and Eve for the decisions we ourselves make daily, to what constitutes the soul (complete with closing our eyes to simulate not bringing our bodies with us to heaven), to how now we can only understand a little bit, like looking through a dark glass or the reflection in a mirror (complete with reading some stuff out of 1 Corinthians and trying to see through the Worchestershire sauce bottle)…to the cardiovascular, urinary and gastrointestinal tracts and how they work, complete with fairly detailed explanations of how the blood takes food energy TO the cells and “garbage” AWAY from the cells, and experiments on whether or not we all think that the urinary tract system sounds anything like the sink faucet. And how God figured all that out.

I’m exhausted. I told Mark to please start reading, I’m gonna need some backup… they’re only 3 and 4!!


2 responses to “Conversations over Supper…

  1. I wish I could have been in on that conversation, I might have learned something!

  2. great post, love your wit, you are really amazing!

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