Greenhouse Dreamin’…

This is, frankly, a weird winter in Billings, Montana! The WARMEST and LONGEST Autumn on record here, since records were kept starting in 1934. (1934? What’s up with that? I’ve got canning jars older than that! Although not in use, by the way…) Our first average frost date is Sept 15… we went a good 6 weeks past that this year, and my roses are still blooming here on Nov 13!! Celery, kale, swiss chard, parsley, sage, (not sure about the rosemary) and thyme all still growing…

My greenhouse is about 1/4 full, well maybe 2/5th full. On the “for the tummy” side, I’ve got swiss chard, leaf lettuce, carrots, winterbor red kale, mammoth and purple leaf basil out the wazoo, “sacred spring” watercress, lemon balm, bellpeppers maturing very slowly (they love heat – this is Montana, even if it IS in a greenhouse!)… on the “for the soul” side I’ve got nasturtiums (although those go either side as they are also edible!), shasta and Livingstone daisies, baby hollyhocks, a scented geranium… there are also birdhouse gourds drying on racks and a few sorted this’s and that’s, here and there. I love it. I love it! I go sit out there and just breathe… the plants love that, because they’re making oxygen out of my carbon dioxide! One reason why plants like to be talked do, didya know?? Although reportedly they do like music played also, and I can’t quite figure that one out. I need to haul a CD player out there, I’m pretty sure Chris LeDoux singing about life “Beneath These Western Skies” would make my plants (and their mama) very happy!

Next Spring I’ll be starting (very very early) lots and lots of heirloom veggies and old-fashioned flowers. In fact it will be a (very very small) “cottage industry”, as I hope to take orders for organic seedlings, from my local gardening friends! As the winter finally gets here, and after the holidays, I’ll be settling down with my cache of new nursery catalogues and dream, dream, dream!!!

Snow is finally in the forecast and I’m not sure if the Prince and Princess are looking forward to it more, or their mom. But we’re all pretty hopeful!!


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