Francine Rivers – Her Daughters’ Dream

Her Daughter's Dream (Marta's Legacy, #2)Her Daughter’s Dream by Francine Rivers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ever so rarely, a book comes along that makes you rethink your own life. Francine River’s new book Her Daughter’s Dream is just such a book. But not only does it challenge your own experiences, it helps you see the lives and relationships of those around you in a new light. Mother-daughter relationships seem to be naturally fraught with possible misunderstandings and hurts… this book actually lends hope that not only are things not always as they seem, but that there is hope for bridges built and understanding blooming.

This isn’t a book you can read quickly before jumping on to the next book on your shelf. It is rather one that you have to slow down and leaf back through to think over situations, and one that will likely stay with you long after you unwillingly close the back cover. The characters are so real (based on the author’s own family) that you feel an honest emotional attachment and literally cry with joy, and heartbreak, as the book progresses. Francine Rivers doesn’t tell a story as much as draw you into a world.

This is a book to own, not borrow… but you will feel compelled to lend it! It is, absolutely, WONDERFUL.

Thank you to Tynedale for allowing me to preview and review this book!!

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