Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

I’d be posting photos but the camera and PC are having a spat and refusing to talk. So silly!

It’s -2 officially (pronounced “two below”, by the way), with steady but light snowfall. The hourly forecast is 90% chance of snow for the next 48 hours. Sadly, this dry snowfall isn’t snowman-worthy stuff… but it’s still nice! Days like today make us very grateful to live in a cozy-warm house!

There’s alot to complain about when it comes to snow – the shoveling, the slick roads, pushing a Costco cart through the miserable stuff, the low ceiling means you can’t see the mountains… but so what?! There’s so much to be happy about when it comes to snow! It’s like living in a Family Circus cartoon, complete with visible tracks all over outside to show where little persons and little beagles ran around the yard! Evergreens are flat gorgeous with snow-laden boughs… the sky at night is pink and bright… you can’t see the garden beneath the white blanket, so there is no lingering “I really should go tidy that up for winter” feeling to pester you… there’s not alot of extra running here and there to do, so you can relax at home without guilt (this helps if you are an introvert – if you’re an extrovert and need people around, it would be a bummer I’m sure!).

Days like this, I do start thinking about the whole “book on PC” craze – Kindles, etc. Anyone have one, like them?? They seem so anti-book somehow… gone is the comforting feeling of the weight of a book in your hands, the sense that others have read it before… staring at a little screen? I’m just not sure. On the other hand, how convenient would that be??

I am knitting like crazy (I’m not anywhere near an expert, but I can do a basic, uncounted knit stitch without moving my lips most of the time) as the kids picked out their own yarn at Hobby Lobby the other day (before the storm hit) so I could knit them caps to coordinate with the scarves I made them last Winter.

Gingerbread persons are cooling on the counter, awaiting icing. A French “mirepoix” chicken in the crockpot is starting to underlay the air with savory herbes de provence/entire head of garlic/plump chicken scents… laundry is going… the kids are stir crazy and the dog is crossing his legs insisting that he really doesn’t need to go outside and go potty… I finished painting a Michaels “unfinished wood” Advent calendar complete with 25 little nifty slide-out boxes yesterday, while the kids colored a flat, “stand-up” train set. The house is, well, the house is a wreck; it’s like cutting the grass with children’s scissors in the middle of summertime trying to keep it neat when the kids can’t go anywhere else right now!

But you know what? There isn’t anywhere else I’d rather be! Will turn on some nice Celtic tunes on the CD player and enjoy this life!

Time to go swap loads of laundry…


One response to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

  1. This is a verbal Norman Rockwell painting!!!

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