Putting By…

So all Spring, Summer and Fall I garden, garden, garden… and come inside to scrub off the dirt, pull out the canner, and start canning, canning, canning. Well, or freezing, freezing, freezing! Here are some of my summer-in-storage bounties from this season.

Tomato-wise, this year I planted, um, 18 “Celebrity” tomato seedlings, 1 “Mr Stripey” heirloom tomato, one “Pink Brandywine” heirloom (the king of tomatoes), and a couple of cherry tomato plants. So we had, well, ALOT of tomatoes to deal with!! I say “we” as in, the queenly sense. (grin) My Majesty!!!

So rather than lugging boxes of organic diced tomatoes home from Costco this year, “we” will be trotting downstairs to one of my storage areas to pull out a nice cool glass jar filled with red sunshine! I made diced/crushed versions, salsa (both red and green), spaghetti sauce (meatless – add meat later), and tomato paste. Oh, and lest I forget, the dehydrator was running pretty well non-stop as well, and I’ve got jars and ziplocs filled with dehydrated tomato slices, squash circles, and parsley. Recipes will follow on another date, but we really like “sundried” tomatoes with whole wheat pasta and a nice pasta sauce. Mmm.

Wish you could pull up a chair at our kitchen table and enjoy some chips and salsa with us!!

~ The Canning Queen

PS – the funny thing is, 100 years ago EVERYBODY did this. What else did they have time to do?? I love “putting by” but oh my word, it takes alot of work!! My little reserves make any self-respecting housewife’s storage from years back look pitiful. Thank You God for Costco in reserve!! (grin)


2 responses to “Putting By…

  1. Oh I do love your canning pantry!!! I wish I lived in a world where I could do this. It is just beautiful!

    • Thank you so much!! We’re going through everything so fast this winter that my next summer’s garden list is looking rather overwhelming at this point! I appreciate your comments!!

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