OK so apparently I have a new semi-obsession with aprons. That being said, page 8 of the February-March 2011 Mary Jane’s Farm magazine has a photo of an absolutely adorable chap-apron made of light green gingham, with ruffles and a big pocket! TOO cute!!

Being the messy person in the kitchen that I am though, I knew that while those chap-aprons would work super well for me in the garden (covering my knees when I’m down in the dirt!), or just doing housework when I need to carry the phone, a hankie, whatever… but they won’t work at all for me in the kitchen, where I tend to *splash*.

So I decided to make this full-length chap-apron! It WAS a pair of Wranglers that were too big for me (Praise God and Hallelujah!!) finally only 3.5 years after my youngest was born, and a beloved, before-babies Wranglers top that was sadly still a big too snug. Now it’s a double-thickness top with working pockets and a fun, Daisy Duke style rope belt. Or maybe it was the Clampett girl. Whomever!! I like it. The leg straps are attached at both ends so you just step through it, then pull the top over your head (the collar). Aprons have to be pretty quick to get on and off, and real chaps take some snapping/tying etc as I recall from my chap-wearing, ranch-rodeo days! Technically they are more like chinks, as chaps are full-length waist to toe.

OK there are tons of ideas with this, like using that faux-suede fabric for a leather chaps look… fringe!!… (I love fringed chinks! oh my)… a flirtier, cuter cowgirl blouse… but this went along with my reduce-reuse-recycle goal and nothing was purchased for the making of this apron (sorry JoAnn’s Fabrics).



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