Easter Cupcakes

Even the word… cupcakes… a term of endearment… a wee bit of confectionary delight. Did you know that the term “cupcake” was first used in a cookbook published in 1796, American Cookery by Amelia Simmons? How neat is it to bake something that millions of cooks have been making for family, friends, church socials, fund raisers, birthday parties, kindergarten classes, and their own personal, possibly secret thrill, for hundreds of years? That’ll put the Retro in the Retro Mom…

I’ll be honest, I haven’t always been a cupcake baker. I like bundt cakes alot too. So tidy, with an inherent dignity. Frosted or sprinkled with powdered sugar, some of them stand quite alone just fine. Good Southern cooks always have a bit of bundt pound cake tucked away somewhere. (I’m not saying I am one, just that it’s a good habit) But cupcakes? A placed-in-hand bit of light fluffy cake topped with… whatever! While I’m pretty much against most convenience foods due to chemicals etc, I have to say that the squirt frostings (cream cheese, anyone?!) are desperately convenient and incredibly easy to use… with no MESS! As a mom of two exceedingly mess-prone children, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that simple fact.

And of course… sprinkles!!! Oh I love me some sprinkles, especially Easter colors. It’s the only time of year I really love pastels. We’re big fans of sprinkles in this household… did you know that children burned out on the idea of another peanut butter sandwich will beam with joy when you sprinkle non-pareils or sanding sugar on top of the PB? At least my little tooters do. They’re also great on Cream of Wheat, oatmeal, bananas… sprinkles rule.

Despite what this sounds like, my household is actually quite limited on sugar intake. I don’t bake very often anymore – dumb old metabolism anyway – and baked goods and candies are treats rather than snacks. In other words, pretty rare. But you can’t be a Sugar Nazi ALL the time…

From my house to yours…
Happy Easter to my Christian friends…
Happy Passover to my Jewish friends…
Good Luck to the rest of you.

And to everyone – have a cupcake!!


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