Eggnog for Breakfast??

2 eggs (backyard eggs are best!)
3-4 tbs sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg (plus more for serving)
1/4 tsp rum extract
2 cups milk (or silk, or other milk substitute)

Whisk eggs and sugar until sugar dissolves, then add remainder of ingredients. Chill, if you can wait that long, or just pour into chilled cup! Sprinkle with additional nutmeg if desired.

You can also add some pumpkin puree to taste, but if so you might want to do this in a blender rather than whisking, just to get it really smooth. This is a delicious way to get your morning protein (although what appears to be rum breath might get you into trouble with the boss). If your “boss” is wee, he or she might love this for breakfast too!

Re: eggs. Yes, these are raw eggs. If this is a concern to you, make sure your eggs are fresh (place them in a bowl of room temp water – if they lay flat down, they’re fresh. As they age they begin to tip up and will eventually float after about 30 days – the USDA lets producers sell them up to about 45 days after being laid. Eww. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.). You can also take your nice fresh egg and quickly wash it off in tepid/room temp water before breaking them open. Salmonella risk is very low from the INSIDE of the egg, but washing-before-use will help decrease the risk from the OUTSIDE of the egg no matter where you get your eggs from. (“>


One response to “Eggnog for Breakfast??

  1. eggnog for breakfast sounds wonderful!!

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