Quick & Tasty GF Tuna Pesto Pasta

I realize that this sounds Wrong… GF (for gluten-free) and “pasta” are not typically found in the same sentence. However, our family absolutely loves the brown rice pasta from Tinkyada, and we use it interchangeably in recipes calling for pasta. This recipe is a family favorite and super quick to put together for lunch or a lighter supper.

Tuna Pesto Pasta

1 can tuna (or pint jar canned fish), drained

1/2 cup prepared pesto

1/2 cup ranch dressing (we make our own, with kefir replacing buttermilk)

1 package gluten-free rice pasta (or any pasta if you do not eat GF)

1 can black olives (or any other olives you have around – just make sure they are pitted)

Salt & Pepper to taste

Combine and serve! We like this either warm or cold. It’s great on a bed of mixed greens for a salad; we also just eat it as-is.


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