Flip the Coin

Every life is a coin. On one side, heads… representing honoring God through following Jesus. On the tails side, honoring anything and anyone else, especially self.

Through daily distractions and selfish natures, even Christians often end up with the head side down and tails side up; glorifying us.

God gets the most glory when we recognize our failure and flip our coin again. We choose Him. Our wills subject to His will.

Religion says that I have to keep my coin in the right position every second. I cannot fail God. I must strive to meet “my side of the deal”. But, Christianity says, I don’t have a “side”… rather, it is arrogance to assume that I can do any part of my salvation… that’s why it is Grace. He paid it ALL. I paid none of it. I had nothing to do with it. Even my ability to accept His free gift of salvation is because He gave me the ability! All of my works, my efforts, are “filthy rags” the Bible says. Nothing. Less than nothing. And to assume that I can do anything to pay my debt of death is to diminish what Jesus did in entirety.

Sometimes it’s frustrating when we recognize how very often our coins are flipped and we have again put ourselves on top… but I think that perhaps God intends for it to be that way. If we were perfectly obedient, there would be some pride in that, wouldn’t there? A sense of our own ability to perform. God doesn’t want us to perform… He doesn’t need us to be perfect (which is a good thing, since we can’t be). He simply wants us to choose Him. There is honor to Him in every fresh choice we make.

Flip the coin. Give God the glory. Quit worrying about your perfection… it’s not like He didn’t know that you were going to, are going to, fail. Just choose Him again… acknowledge Him as Lord.



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